Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Man of my dreams

I have always wondered,
About the man of my dreams,
What kind of a person is he,
Exteriorly handsome or a beautiful person within,
Far and wide, I did look,
Then did I get an answer,
Burnt my fingers, sometimes, never mind..
The man of my dreams is a person,
Who is simple, easy and comfortable,
With a clean mind & a clear conscience,
He may not be a looker or a talker,
But down the walk of life,
He'd touch my heart deep inside.

He may not sweep me off my feet the first time,
Yet will be there by my side at all times,
May not have charming manners; yet,
Deep inside, his heart will be moulded in gold,
Someone who'd love to fly and yet,
Have his feet planted firmly on the ground,
Someone honest, straightforward and kind,
Who'd love, respect and fear the almighty,
Some one who'd laugh at my jokes,
Who'd pamper and yet admonish me - the right times,
Someone who'd be a 'Man' - A real one.

As I looked at the deep dark sky at night,
The stars twinkled at me and said,
Somewhere, somehow, you'd meet,
The man of your dreams Someday.

(Pallavi S - This one's for the Man of my dreams in my life - My Hubby)

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