Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dedicated to my best friend 'Dina'

A sweet, innocent flower was she
Sprinkling love & joy around me,

Soft brown eyes shining in the light
It was 'love' at the very first sight.

No bad words she ever would speak
Her sweet language would make others meek,
She was helpful, honest, nice & kind
And do what I, she never would mind.

She was my best friend to the very core
And i thought friends like her existed no more,
A source of inexhaustible energy was she
Ever ready anytime to help me in need,
Always praising, encouraging & supporting me
To do things I never dreamt would be,
The lovely movements we have shared from the start
To the very end I will treasure in my heart,
Hatred, jealousy, we survived it all
From strength to strength our friendship grew tall.

I love her from all my heart very much
A friend like her is never found as such,
Simply a thought of 'Dina' gives my gloomy spirits a lift...
....To me, she's God's most precious Gift.

(Pallavi S)

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