Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank You God!

I remember a day in our moral science class, in school, when our teacher said that we have lots to thank God for. She pointed towards me and said 'You' have lots to thank God for; 'You are intelligent, good looking, rich and have loving parents who dote on you.' I thought to myself only if she knew.. I have grown up with migraines and frequent headaches and perpetual colds which take forever to go; what do I thank God for...
Frankly speaking, even today I haven't given a thought for all that God's given me; a very doting and caring husband, a lovable son.. I guess I focus more on the differences I have with my spouse, the shortcomings of my parents or the minor illneses that my baby has to go through, which the doctors say are an essential part of growing up. I still pop in painkillers today like I did before, but to a lesser extent, I have started looking towards alternate therapies to control my headaches and colds. I guess I am waiting for the divine day when everything will be perfect and thank God for everything he's given me.
During my daily social interactions, as I look around at other people, I see no one is really happy. All of us are complaining all the time about what we do not have. None of us value and appreciate what we have. Reminiscing her words ," The LORD is constantly looking at us with His eyes filled with unconditional LOVE, but we foolishly look away getting involved with our ego and unwanted desires!"
How true. It dawned upon me that I didn't thank God for so many things..Lovely parents who never ever said no to me, great friends who stood by me through thick and thin, a loving hubby who caters to every whim and fancy of mine (though he spoils me totally), an absolutely adorable son who I can't live without....The list is endless.
I look heavenwords, before its too late, remembering my teacher's words , I say aloud, 'THANK YOU GOD'. Thank you for everything. Thanks for always being there for me!!!!!

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